Gulfood is one of the world’s leading annual food and beverage trade exhibitions. It serves as a global platform for industry professionals to showcase their products,
network, and explore emerging trends in the food sector. Hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Gulfood attracts diverse exhibitors and visitors from around the globe, creating a dynamic environment for businesses to engage in fruitful collaborations and partnerships. The event covers various food and beverage categories, ranging from fresh produce and ingredients to processed foods, equipment, and technologies. It is a comprehensive destination for stakeholders across the entire food supply chain.

This year, the Republic of Cyprus is making a significant presence at Gulfood with the participation of 34 companies and an area of 360 sq. meters, offering a diverse range of high-quality Cypriot products.

Different kinds of agricultural products such as olives & olive oil, dairy products like Halloumi, Anary and Kefaloteri cheeses are very well known worldwide and considered the food mark of Cyprus. In addition to that, frozen foods will be on display like fyllo pastry, kataifi, puff pastry, ravioli, tortellini, cheese pie, olive pie, croissant, pizza, pastry leaves, and kounafa. Moreover, different kinds of foodstuff and beverage will be exhibited like potato, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs juices & concentrates, mineral water, non-alcoholic beer, coffee, pasta products, flour, salt, dry nuts & fruits, caramelized-gourmet popcorn, muffins, coconut bars, chocolate products, herbs, spices, confectionery, wheat flour of different kinds, bulgur wheat, fresh frozen beans and vine leaves, hummus tahini, muhammara and taramosalata, carob syrup, carob cream & chocolate, honey, powder drink.

From traditional delicacies to modern gastronomic creations, the Cyprus pavilion at Gulfood serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to promoting its vibrant food industry on the global stage and fostering international partnerships.

 Visit our pavilions at Hall 2 (Dairy), Sheikh Saeed Hall S1 main pavilion with assorted products and Zaabeel Hall Beverages (juices, water concentrates etc…) from 10:00 am till 6:00pm (Sunday to Wednesday) and from 10:00am till 5:00pm (Thursday).

Download Gulfood 2024 Exhibitors List Here

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