Gulfood, 17-21 Feb. 2019 at Dubai World Trade Centre

Cyprus, like every year has a strong participation at the Gulfood 2019 with an area of almost 378 sq. meters, hosting 36 companies of different food industry & agricultural sector. Cyprus has a lot to offer in the agriculture and food and beverage industry to this part of the world for many reasons: The quality which is according to the European Standards, the similar food ingredients and varieties produced from the Mediterranean atmosphere and the old relation with the Arab World which led our manufacturers to establish an excellent business relations with the UAE and the whole Arab region.

Cyprus presents in this Exhibition different kinds of agriculture products such as Dairy Products like halloumi, feta, anary cheeses and ice cream which are very well known worldwide and considered the food mark of Cyprus.

In addition to that frozen foods will be on display like fyllo pastry, kataifi, puff pastry, ravioli, tortellini, burgers, cheese pie, sausages, olive pie, croissant, pizza, pastry leaves, and kounafa.

Moreover, different kinds of foodstuff and beverage will be exhibited like juices & concentrates, olive oil, mineral water, coffee, pasta products, flour, salt, canned tomatoes, noodles, meat processed products, dry nuts & fruits, peanuts, muffins, swiss rolls, marshmallow, coconut bars, chocolates products, herbs, spices, confectionery, legumes, delights, tea bags, jelly, cream caramel, rice pudding, carob syrup, carob cream & chocolate, honey, tahini &halwa, biscuits & crackers, powder drink and fresh herbs, potatoes, vegetables & fruits.

The Non Food sector which offers additional Cypriot Industrial products will be presented at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition which will take place from 29th– 31st Oct. 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The products on display will be: filling, capping, labeling machines, printing products for catering and beverages industry, Stainless steel tanks and dairy factories, catering equipment’s.

Finally, we wish that Gulfood 2019 will be up to our manufacturers and exporters expectations hoping to have good returns on their economic records and their customers as well. Please visit us at Hall 2, Sheikh Saeed Hall &Zaa’bel New Halls at Cyprus Pavilions, 17th – 21stFeb. 2019 from 11:00 am till 7:00pm (Sunday to Wednesday) and from 11:00am till 5:00pm (Thursday).


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